• monah mayhem

Consider the Song, Remember the Sound

Consider the Song,

Remember the Sound

We love with a syncopation,

rivers of rhythm coursing

through our veins. We came

before the music, when

notes hung unplucked chords

suspended in midair. Moved by

melodies yet sung, we’ve

begun to learn our mother’s

mother tongue.

Of art, of breath;

life leads death drumming


down back alleyways

as we become

a harpy’s heartbeat.

Our tones remain

sustained, posture matches

pitch; our diaphragms

hold control, expanding

on the inhale,

contracting on the


raises a symphony,

lifts instruments

from knee edges,

chin rests

on shoulders,

the left cheek


a cold wood.

Here, all bows hover

above the string.

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