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We Could Be

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

If you were a gender, you’d be the wind

& the ripples in the water,

memories attached to photographs,

& rose gardens in high summer.

And perhaps, I’d be the empty space

between a paintbrush and its canvas,

blank as an unnamed tombstone.

The way anticipation hangs

on the edge of that moment

right before the first stroke lays

down its rightful claim

the finality of a beginning

the shifting of the seasons.

And if we were Greek Titans (and we are)

we’d be two tellers of time.

You’d be Kronos, linear

& forward thinking, revered amongst

all with careful calculations,

relentless precision; you were born to rule.

Whereas I,

I’d be a missed flight away,

(at times even two)

an agent of serendipity &

chaos, the winged Titan Kairos,

who weaves synchronicity while

blindfolded, dancing on arrows & singing our name;

who devours a whole forest on fire

to feed the hunt, the heart, the body hot

#painting #paintbrushes

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