• monah mayhem

Gone Again

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Twist your tongue around

my words, just to call me yours.

You were already gone

and so you left, and so

you will leave again, and I will

stay sitting here on stained couch cushions

thin-skinned, milk-tip brimming,

playing mind games

with myself, as time weaves bones

into baskets, wind turns rocks into

sand. This is a textured kind

of motherhood.

To be honest, I never like

to be, and you will cut

off all your hair anyway, only

to say in a fateful promise that

someday and someday soon

we will begin

to die all over again

in the center of silence

in the blaze of a yellow flame

that yields

to the charm of a harvest moon

inside/out desire undoes

all that ever was

all that never changes.

and in the end, it will be

my resilience

that leads you back in

again, you see,

as rocks are the keepers

of their own time, so I

am the keeper of mine

#modernart #technique

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