• monah mayhem

The Calling

Will you

come out and

climb with me

up the mountain path

hidden beneath the

dusty autumn leaves

winding towards the

bend in the creek

with the weeping willow


where we will lay

for hours atop a bed

of bluebells resting

in the shade beneath

a sublime roof of

aspen leaves.

Then when we are ready,

with the magic of children’s steps,

we will wander through the woods

the red winged cardinal as

our guide

leading us deeper

and deeper into the depths

of the forest, further

and further away from

the grammar of skyscrapers

and concrete pavements

where mountain

peaks and river streams soar

across the sky of the soul

where shadows of trees dance

freely with long grasses of

sunny hillsides

where our thoughts

our thoughts are swept along

in the evening breeze

where the self dissipates

cultivating an interior realm

lending more space for more

thoughts to grow

where we strip our feet of

shoes and walk with the earth

warm beneath the soles

of our naked feet

In a steady stream of consciousness

we walk, we walk,

we walk to find the missing

line between our lives

where the entire weight

of the world bows down

to this very


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